La Cantina

Healthy pet nutrition of natural origin. Because only the best is good enough for your most loyal friend.

Quality products of La Cantina

La Cantina is your go-to partner as a provider of high-value import and export of raw materials (Cat. 3 slaughter by-products) destined for the production of pet food. We purchase the raw materials directly at slaughterhouses and collectors and take care of the complete supply chain up to the producer.

Because you want only the best for your pet, we commit ourself in delivering products only of the highest quality, to manufacture the pet food.

La Cantina

Picture: Annelies Boeykens

La Cantina


Environment and nature have a huge impact on our existence. Both man and animal benefit from a healthy and balanced nature. The balance between natural products and consumers is what guarantees this ecological balance. This aspect acts as our basis for La Cantina.

Urbanisation and human consumption cause disruption in this natural balance. By-products from natural producers are no longer reaching biological consumers.

La Cantina is giving nature a hand and collects the animal by-products at meat processing plants. This by-product is the basis for healthy nutrition for every pet.

La Cantina

Animal by-products

We collect all animal by-products for processing into healthy pet food.